Greenmelon increases your impact, with less impact. Sure we have won international, national and local design awards, but great design is only truly successful if it effects the triple bottom line. Let’s do something about it.

Want to package food products sustainably and safely?
Eliminating single-use plastic packaging?
Reducing your production’s environmental footprint?

We offer consulting services for anyone in the manufacturing and production of retail products on sustainable alternatives. After years in the industry, we have aligned with manufacturers, printers and container companies to bring you options. We are committing to the green in our name and to your retail and environmental impact.

Disruptors, thinkers and smarty pants

Greenmelon is about people. Clients and staff alike. Personality, skill and an undying need to learn, we are a group of creative thinkers, rule breakers, collaborators, and escape room experts.

Robert B. Smith RGD  Founder &  Creative Director

Robert B. Smith RGD
Founder &
Creative Director

Marie Scharfe  Graphic Designer

Marie Scharfe
Graphic Designer

Russel Hawley RGD  Office Manager

Russel Hawley RGD
Office Manager

Nicole Meier  Account Manager

Nicole Meier
Account Manager

Sam Gaghan  Art Director

Sam Gaghan
Art Director

We’re as picky about our clients as we are our staff. We need to get along, not all time but at the end of the day we all agree that the success of a project is the ultimate goal.
These are some of our fellow disruptors:

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