Awww shucks...

Greenmelon’s talented creative team has received more than 100 local, national and international awards. All those awards, plus having one’s work recognized by international design magazines like HOW, Applied Arts, Dynamic Graphics, Communication Arts and Critique, plus a pile of hardcover graphics publications, for more than 20 years running takes a lot more than luck. It takes commitment, focus, passion and more importantly, stellar clients.


What we won

• Registered Designers of Ontario
• Advertising and Design Club of Canada
• Mohawk Papers
• Domtar Awards
• Neenah "One" awards
Applied Arts
How International Design Awards
• Design Edge
• Advertising and  Design Association, Ottawa
• "DESI" design awards, New York
Graphis, Switzerland

Where stories about us have appeared

• Applied Arts
• Dynamic Graphics
• Critique
• Azure Magazine
• Communication Arts
• Design Edge
• The National Post
• The Ottawa Citizen