Mint Gift Set


From currency
to collective.

When approached with this project, we immediately delved into researching the gift card industry. We usually avoid unwarranted use of trends, but this time we dove right in since these coins contain not only beautiful keepsakes, but act as a time capsule for that year as a whole. 

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Royal Canadian Mint

A 2015 Best Seller


"We purchased this gift set to commemorate our US brother-in-law's Canadian citizenship ceremony. It was very well received. It was a very special gift to mark a special point in time."

— Collector, Canada

"As I'm new to ordering coins I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package and it was a card with not just the special birthday loonie but every other coin was also included with the same year. A great gift for my niece!"

— Collector, Abbotsford, BC

"This item was purchased as a Christmas gift for overseas family members. They love anything Canadian and this item is easily sent by post. They will always remember the year that it was received."

— Collector, Whitby, Ontario




The coin designs were completed in house by one of our designers and perfectly encapsulate the amount of time, research and care we put into each individual illustration to ensure it fit perfectly with each requited theme.



Handwritten typography was very popular at the time, we used that as a springboard for the overall look of each gift set. Using bold colours and beautiful photography, we crafted a series that was sure to catch the eye of possible buyers and impress long time collectors as well as those who would be receiving the sets as gifts.