Thinking outside of the box. Literally!

Packaging provides a final opportunity to position your product. It must appeal to your customers’ needs and communicate not only the product’s features and benefits, but also provide a brand experience for your potential customers. It’s what it takes to immediately differentiate your products from those of your competitors, underline your product’s quality, effectiveness, USP and other essential qualities and communicate the essence of your brand.



Containing the world's greatest superhero


Superman is an icon, a superhero among superheroes. His fans are fully immersed in the details of his story and their knowledge needs to be respected. As such, all of the packaging that we created for this icon are heavily influenced and instructed by research. Read more...


Fresh packaging means more "green" for this retailer

The now iconic Farm Boy brand is much more than a logo and colours; it’s a total experience. From signs to displays, bottles to bags, newspaper to pixels, there isn’t a department we haven’t touched. We’ve helped the chain grow from three to 14 stores, with more on the way. You don’t reach those numbers without a lot of trust, respect and bananas. Read more...