At greenmelon, we are an intentionally small but specialized team of experts. We are creative thinkers, rule breakers, collaborators, and escape room experts that deliver real results.

Robert B Smith – Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Robert B Smith, RGD

The reason that greenmelon is a family. Rob’s decades of experience developing creative strategies for the likes of Farm Boy, RCMP, Canada Post and Royal Canadian Mint acts as a guide to our team. Over 100 awards of distinction later he still makes sure greenmelon functions as a ‘we’ not a ‘me’.

Luc Bergeron – Creative Director

Luc Bergeron, RGD

Luc is a guitar wielding hero that has been navigating the interplay between strategic business requirements, visual design, and the written word for over two decades. Our team loves him because he has a particular knack for distilling client briefs into solid, appropriate solutions that our clients love.

Marie Scharfe – Graphic Designer

Marie Scharfe, Prov. RGD

Fuelled by plants and her love of soap gum (weirdo), Marie is forever acquiring new skills that bring an undeniable value to our team. Her keen eye and uncanny ability to recall literally anything and everything keeps us sharp and relevant but watch what you say because her quick wit will catch you off guard.

Russel Hawley – Studio Manager

Russel Hawley, RGD

The cat-wrangler and organizational savant. Russel is our voice of reason. He has an in-depth knowledge of design, publishing, business development and project management and is the go to for everything, including the daily joke. He is known to have a stash of dark chocolate that he is (almost) always willing to share.

Nicole Meier – Social Media and Client Relations Manager

Nicole Meier

The next level people-person, Nicole is quirky and a little weird but we love it. She is diligent at finessing brand strategies, managing social media accounts, exercising creative problem solving skills, and she revels in building powerful relationships with our clients.

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We dedicate our careers to the exploration of strategic ideas executed through graphic design, packaging, branding, product creation, video, retail, advertising and marketing. We are inspired by film, architecture, music, industrial design and how these disciplines nurture each other. We work in partnership with writers, coders, industrial designers and product engineers to bring ideas to life. Through this, we empower our clients to realize a better bottom line.

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