In my previous article on working remotely, I spoke about maintaining your daily work routine. This certainly helps productivity and your mindset. Have you done it? It will take some self-discipline. When we are at home, it is easy to fall back into leisurely activities and not “work”.

So, what happens after “work”? Before it meant picking up the kids, preparing dinner, maybe walking the dog, going to the gym, shopping or simply flopping on the couch and channel surfing. When we have been working at home, the change is less drastic. We don’t have the separation between work and home. There is no traffic, buses, or commuting. Besides going from room to room, our surroundings don’t change much and after some time this can become stressful. What do we do to prevent ourselves from running around our home screaming like we are on fire?

Social Streaming not Screaming

I don’t mean streaming movies or binge watching. In fact this does not involve television at all. With video conferencing software and websites, we are able to play our favorite party games virtually with friends. Keep it social. Aside from twister, this is a great opportunity to explore game night but through video. It helps keep you socially engaged.

Remote Control

With passive activities like watching a series on your favorite streaming service, you are not actively doing anything. It is escapism. In small doses, it is great but you need to mix it up. During times like this we experience a loss of control. We are stuck in our home watching the news as others make decisions on our behalf. When you choose an “after work” activity, choose something that will give you back a sense of control. Card games, board games and role playing games can give us back that control. We control our fate in these cases. Win or lose we can decide and strategize. It may seem silly but it will subliminally expand your physical space into a larger non-physical space.

Go Back to School

There are so many courses on-line now that you can finally learn that new skill. From masters to amateurs, there is no end to the potential here. My suggestion would be to choose something that you have always wanted to try. It will challenge you and engage a different area of your brain. 

Walk it off

After work is a great time to go outside and have a walk. This is really important. Getting outside will alleviate the feeling of walls closing in on you. Open air and open sky will do so much for your physical and mental health. It can’t be ignored. Get that blood pumping, bring some tunes and walk like you just don’t care. It will also relieve a feeling of claustrophobia.

Brushing Teeth and Counting Sheep

After all of that, go to bed at a decent hour. Follow your usual nighttime routine. If you don’t have one, this is a great time to start one! Brush your teeth and start counting those sheep.

So, what are your after work activities?

Check back for How to work remotely and not lose your mind Part 3: Space Invaders.