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With their 25th anniversary approaching, ABI approached Greenmelon to revitalize their brand for the next twenty-five. Although there were a number of competitive brands in the local industry, Greenmelon discovered that there was no obvious leader in the sector. This was a great opportunity to modernize their brand and claim the number one position.

ServicesBrand Identity, Website Design, Social Media Engagement, Environmental GraphicsEngagement2015-2018GoalGrowth and consistency
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Advanced Business Interiors Privee

Keeping it simple—but with a deeper message.

Since the company was known colloquially among clients by their initials, we approached the logo as a simplification of the letters ABI, referencing their sector by using interior design symbols for office furnishing to form the letters. This gave the logo depth. The result was a bold, strong and confident visual for a larger audience, with an additional level of meaning for office designers who can see that ABI quite literally “speaks their language.”

Advanced Business Interiors pattern Social Media

If the walls could talk…

A patterned wallpaper based on the logo harkened back to the company’s experience in dealing with patterns and textures, providing a unique and highly identifiable pattern that could be applied to trucks, web graphics, corporate letterhead and the walls of their showroom.

Furnishing ABI with the tools to grow.

ABI’s proposals were redesigned incorporating the new logo to produce strong and impactful documents that reflected their refreshed brand and made their pitch stand out against the competition. Proposal creation was simplified via a template system to make the process more efficient for sales staff.

Advanced Business Interiors Van Truck


The rollout of the new brand included a complete redesign and implementation of their website, including design, strategy, writing and curating visual elements. Greenmelon transitioned the site from a catalogue presence to a resource for clients by providing credible content focused on office planning and design. The result was a leap from page two to ranking second on Google searches.

Advanced Business Interiors brand

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