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For over two and a half decades, HoneyBar has been producing delicious snack bars, primarily as a co-packer. Previous attempts at marketing a “house brand” bar fell short of projections. HoneyBar needed to stand out in an already crowded market. They approached us to revamp the brand to breathe new life, and hopefully sales into their product line.

ServicesBrand Identity, Packaging DesignEngagement2016-2019GoalGrowth and consistency
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HoneyBar Bars

A brand is born.

Beginning with simple sketches, the HoneyBar brand was brought to life through creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

The power of rebranded packaging.

A new logo gave the impression of spilled honey, but without the tired bee imagery, to appeal to a more sophisticated and knowledgeable consumer. Use of the tag line “Always and only honey” reinforced the bar’s unique sales proposition. An updated colour palette for each flavour—including three new ones in the company’s much edited product line—made for significantly increased shelf visibility and easy flavour identification. Branded bulk boxes increased brand messaging at store level and simplified merchandising for retailers.

HoneyBar 7 Flavours Packs
HoneyBar Brand Elements

A simplified brand tool kit sweetens the results.

A brand is much more than a logo. It encompasses messaging, type, colour palettes and much more. These elements needed to be consistently applied to all communications. By providing access to a comprehensive branding system with specified fonts, colour schemes and messaging, Greenmelon enabled HoneyBar to simplify the extension of their brand beyond the new packaging to ensure a consistent, highly visible brand identity throughout their communications.

HoneyBar Brand
HoneyBar Bites


  • Rebranded packaging, store POP, digital assets and distributor marketing.
  • Successful relaunch of 5 flavours in both US and Canadian markets.
  • Creation of new “Multi-Pack” options for consumers with modified packaging.
  • 20% increase in overall sales.


increase in overall sales.

HoneyBar 3-pack

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