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Superman is an icon, a superhero among superheroes. His fans are fully immersed in the details of his story and their knowledge needed to be respected. As such, all of the packaging that we created for this icon had to be heavily influenced and instructed by research. Every detail was considered including “Kryptonian” text on the outside. A translator was hired to provide text in Superman’s home planet language. All imagery was chosen from the hundreds of thousands in the DC Comics archives.

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Royal Canadian Mint Superman Coin Booklet

A case for redesigning the display.

It began with changing how the coins would be displayed from the traditional “clam-shell” to a display box. Something that would not be put in a drawer but put on display. Greenmelon designed a clear case with a “stage” for the coin to be displayed. The outer box allowed for the use of dramatic Superman images to be displayed as well as bold supportive colours. The boxes also served as in-store POP displays when stacked together. They also represented the image boxes used in comic book layouts. The series became popular content for “unboxing” videos from around the world. The entire series sold out in less than a week making them best sellers.

Royal Canadian Mint Superman Coin Boxes
Royal Canadian Mint Superman Man of Steel

“Nice looking coin but best of all is the display. It seems the RCM (Royal Canadian Mint) is finally putting out some coins aimed towards collectors who want the display to match the quality of the coin.”

— Collector, New Brunswick, Canada


The resulting design and display cases were instrumental in helping to make this collectible series one of their strongest sellers ever.

  • Series sold out in only a few days.
  • The gold coin sold out in less than 24 hours.
  • The packaging became a sensation on the “unboxing” channel on YouTube.
  • The unprecedented success resulted in subsequent releases of Superman collections.


Gold Coin sold out


Series sold out.

Royal Canadian Mint Superman Gold Coin

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